Lino Ipsum Generator

Lino Ipsum Generator

Holy shit!

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Most Holy Madonna of the Crowned... the Lino Ipsum Generator is born!

We play boys and we do it with an Apulian DOC, an extraordinary actor and one of the myths of Italian sexy comedy: Lino Banfi.

With the Lino Ipsum text generator you can create funny texts enriching them with html elements too!

'Porca Putténa!' is one of the famous phrases that distinguishes the great Lino Banfi and it means 'Holy shit!'.

Use the generated text for your website, your graphics or simply if you want to make your conversations on Messenger and WhatsApp unique!

The phrases used for the Lino Banfi Generator remain the exclusive property of our fellow countryman and of those who have acquired the rights, we limit ourselves to disseminating them because we consider them heritage of comedy and good humor. Did you understand?